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Gas Technician Certification: Top 5 Reasons To Get Your License In 2020

Date: May 11, 2020

In 2020, now is the best time to pursue a career as a Gas Technician in Ontario.In this post, we break down 5 good reasons to get the ball rolling, and make plans to start gas tech training in 2020.

Get an overview of certification requirements, the job forecast for gas fitters in Ontario, how training works, and how earning your license can significantly improve your job options across several trades. Let’s get started.

  1. You Must Be Certified to Become a Gas Technician in Ontario

    In order to become a gas technician in Ontario, you need a Certificate of Qualification ( C of Q), and a license issued by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). It’s not legal to work in the province without these credentials, so getting quality gas technician training to prep for the exams should be your top priority. No reliable, honest employer will hire you if you don’t meet provincial requirements to work in the industry.

  2. You Need a Gas Tech Certificate to Work in Certain Trades

    Planning on pursuing a plumbing career? Want to work in HVAC?  Considering appliance technician training? You’ll need a gas tech certificate to work in these fields. Some pre-apprenticeship colleges offer combined programs, so students can prepare for the gas technician exam while learning their trade of choice.

    Typical options include Plumbing + Gas Tech Training; or Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Mechanic + Gas Tech Training. These combined programs take a little longer to complete, but you graduate with your G3 license and a much stronger resume.

  3. It Takes Just 12 Weeks to Earn G3 Certification

    G3 certification is the starting point for gas technicians in Ontario. Training is very quick and covers everything you’ll need to pass the TSSA exam. In just 4.5 weeks full-time, or 12 weeks part-time, you’ll get an introduction to gas appliances, piping, and tubing systems; learn how to interpret technical manuals; practice safe handling of propane and gas; and gain experience using hand and power tools.

    Once you’ve successfully passed the G3 exam, you can start working toward your G2—the next level of gas technician certification. You’ll build on the skills you already have, and develop new knowledge and expertise.

    After about 24 weeks of training, you’ll be ready to challenge the exam. If successful, you will be legally qualified to supervise G3 technicians, and work independently on a natural gas or propane appliance with an input of 400,000 BTUH or less.

  4. Demand for Gas Techs is Steady Across Ontario

    Wondering if you’ll be able to secure work after earning your gas technician certification? According to the latest research from the Government of Canada, gas fitters are in steady demand across the province of Ontario.

    The majority of Ontario gas techs (70%) work in construction, so growth in this industry is partly responsible for new jobs—as well as the trend toward upgraded, more energy-efficient home heating systems.

    In 2016, Ontario pledged $100 million to help homeowners upgrade their furnaces and water heaters. This is just one of several rebate programs designed to reduce natural gas bills, while creating local jobs.

    Of course, gas fitters and HVAC technicians will benefit from the work these programs generate, as the province moves towards getting more homes upgraded with eco-friendly systems.

    Just one more reason to make this the year you start gas technician training, and begin working toward your G3 or G2 license!

  5. Gas Technicians Being Classified as Essential Workers is Rewarding

    In the untimely wake of the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Gas Technicians were deemed an essential service. And rightfully so. Being recognized as an essential service is rewarding. HVAC technicians in Ontario were helping family homes and business continue to function at the optimal level, keeping people warm inside during the cold early spring. 


Enjoy learning about new technology? Consider yourself friendly, polite, and happy to help others? Like taking things apart and solving problems? You could be a perfect fit for this career. 

Your first step is to talk with an Admissions Advisor, to learn more about the Gas Technician 3 program and what you need to get started.  

An Advisor will confirm you meet admission requirements, and help you figure out financial aid, class schedules, and how to apply. 

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