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Appliance Service Technicians recognized as an essential service is rewarding!

Date: April 13, 2020

Becoming an Appliance Service Technician is the Right Move – Right Now!

The truth is, this industry is really growing fast in Canada. There is a serious shortage of appliance service technicians, and strong demand for people with the latest technical skills.

Appliances are more sophisticated than ever before. Technicians need very sharp diagnostic and electronic skills to service the newer units.

There aren’t enough well-trained techs to go around—hence the high demand. This is just one of many good reasons to become an appliance service technician. Here are a whole lot more.

No apprenticeship needed – get straight to work 

This isn’t the only reason to pursue a career in the appliance industry—but it’s a pretty good one!

In Ontario, many skilled trades are regulated. That means you must fulfill specific training, apprenticeship, and testing requirements to legally work in the field.

It generally takes about 5 years to complete all the steps.

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada offers a 12-week co-op placement, which is part of the program and included in the 29-week training.

Some people are looking for a faster route to employment, so they can get out of school and into a full-time job, a lot quicker. Our students have received an employment contract during their 12-week co-op placement, even before graduating!

Appliance service technicians don’t need to complete an apprenticeship. You can get straight to work, right after you complete a training program.

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada is the Only College in Ontario which offers the Appliance Service Technician Certificate of Qualification – Immediately after graduation

It is important that every Appliance Service Technician should hold an Ontario College of Trades Appliance Service Technician Certificate of Qualification. 

AT Institute graduates set themselves apart from every other Appliance Service Technician in the field by holding a Certificate of Qualification, and in all instances, are hired more frequently.

Appliance service technician training is fast 

Speaking of training…this is one of the fastest trades programs out there. You can finish appliance technician training in just 29 weeks!

If you’re looking for a quick path to your first job, this is it. The program covers all the basic electrical theory, hands-on training with all domestic appliances, Sealed System mechanics, refrigeration and air conditioning, and most importantly – 12 weeks of in-field co-op in the Whirlpool Canada or LG Canada network.

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada has a partnership with Electrolux / Frigidaire, LG Canada, and Whirlpool Canada, who each supply our students with the latest machines to practice on. They have also provided our instructors with official Electrolux/Frigidaire Tech tools, LG Tech service, and Whirlpool University training tools and materials.

Our students graduate with experience troubleshooting and repairing the newest “smart” appliances. They’re fully prepared for work,  their very first day on-the-job.

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada is the only appliance training centre in Eastern Canada which focuses on Refrigeration Sealed System mechanics, including the works of Lokring Technology and R600a refrigerant, approved by LG Canada.

LG Canada and Whirlpool Canada hire students during their Co-op Placement – BEFORE GRADUATION 

The industry is so short-staffed right now, LG Canada and Whirlpool Canada are hiring talented graduates straight out of our appliance service technician program.

It’s all part of their “Technician Pipeline” program, where LG and Whirlpool partners with trades schools to train and mold the next generation of appliance technicians.

We recently interviewed a few of our own grads who got hired at Whirlpool. Our graduates have recently been hired in Edmonton, Alberta, across all of the Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, Ontario, and Hamilton, Ontario.

Competitive pay 

For a trade that doesn’t require apprenticeship, extensive in-school training, or certification, appliance repair pays quite well!

The latest Wage Report from the Government of Canada Job Bank says technicians in Ontario make a median salary of about $41,000/year.

At the high end, appliance service technicians are making approximately $58,000/year. That’s well above the average Canadian salary of $51,000/year.

Challenging work, innovative field 

Like so many other areas of our lives, appliances are undergoing big changes due to technological advancement.

Internet integration, digital programming, and high level customization are big trends in this field. And it’s just the beginning.

There are smart ovens with voice control options, live video feeds of your meal-in-progress, and built-in tech that knows exactly how to cook whatever food you want. Totally dummy-proof.

Not to mention washers and dryers that can be personalized to fit your needs, and controlled via smartphone. Many home appliances are integrated into a total “smart home” system, and can be operated from touch screen panels mounted on the wall (or smartphone app).

It’s a whole new world of high-tech laundry, dishes, and food prep. One thing’s for sure—all this new tech will keep things interesting for appliance service technicians.

Various career paths to choose from   

Where do you see yourself working as an appliance service technician? There are a lot more career options than you probably realize.

Technicians can find jobs at major companies like Electrolux, LG, and Whirlpool, completing repairs in the warehouse or on the road doing service calls.

They also work for smaller, independent service companies—and for large apartment complexes who hire full-time maintenance specialists.

Other career paths include:

  • Commercial restaurant equipment industry (restaurants, hospitals, airports, grocery stores)
  • Appliance sales companies
  • Your own small business

If you have the right technical skillset, good business sense, and excellent customer service skills, you’ll find plenty of job opportunities in the appliance industry.

Is Appliance Technician Training Right for You? 

What does it take to become a successful appliance service technician? How do you know you’re a good fit for this work?

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada offers the only comprehensive Appliance Service Technician training program in Ontario, and Eastern Canada. Our program offers a direct, mandatory, access into the LG Canada or Whirlpool employer network in order to complete your 12-week co-op placement. Students have been offered employment contracts even before completing their co-op placements!

Your first step is to talk with an Admissions Advisor, to learn more about the program and what you need to get started.  

An Advisor will confirm you meet admission requirements, and help you figure out financial aid, class schedules, and how to apply. 

Call the Mississauga Campus at (905) 629 – 1447, or email, to receive more information about the Appliance Service Technician program.

Start your new career, right away. Reserve your spot in class today!

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