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Giveaway – Good People Doing a Good Thing

Date: May 19, 2020

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada has partnered up with Neighbourhood Creative to create a Full Rebate Giveaway for the Gas Technician 3 program to an individual who has been economically affected by COVID-19.

Who is Neighbourhood Creative?

Neighbourhood Creative was officially launched in April 2019 with a vision to disrupt the marketing industry. Their solutions are intimate, unique and exclusive that mirror our multi-tier marketing approach. They are a full advertising and marketing agency often referred to having a sixth sense.

Nothing about Neighbourhood Creative is traditional. They are not just an average marketing agency, they are a network. A network of neighbourhoods, restaurants, organizations, influencers, local businesses, retailers and brands that when combined, create one of a kind solutions for your brand that are practically unheard of elsewhere in the world. “Neighbourhood Creative represents the ecosystems that make up our neighbourhoods and a point of reference in communities for startups, entrepreneurs and brands.” Says Anna Maria Gaita, Director of Marketing and Strategy.

The team were created in the digital era and will continue to innovate and disrupt it as it changes. Neighbourhood Creative represent districts where people live but also where brands are born, grow and live as well. The interconnectedness between brands and their surroundings has and always will be fundamental.

Services offered: social media management, strategy, content creation, web design and development, experiential marketing, graphic design and advertising.

Becoming a licensed TSSA Gas Technician

Gas Technician 3 (G3) certification is the starting point for gas technicians in Ontario. Training is very quick and covers everything you’ll need to pass the TSSA exam.

In just 4 weeks full-time, or 12 weeks part-time, you’ll get an introduction to gas appliances, piping, and tubing systems; learn how to interpret technical manuals; practice safe handling of propane and gas; and gain experience using hand and power tools.

Once you’ve successfully passed the G3 exam, you can start working toward your Gas Technician 2 (G2)—the next level of gas technician certification. You’ll build on the skills you already have, and develop new knowledge and expertise.

Gas technicians (or “gas fitters”) work in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. They’re employed by construction companies, HVAC or gas-servicing firms, and utilities companies—or may even be self-employed.

Gas tech work is challenging, offers a variety of tasks, and will definitely stretch your problem-solving skills. Considering this trades career, but need more information on what the job is like, and the training you’ll need to get started?

Read on for a detailed look at what a gas technician does, the Ontario job market, and TSSA certification requirements.

Winner of the Full Rebate Giveaway

Through careful consideration, we want to congratulate our winner on receiving the full rebate giveaway into the Gas Technician 3 program. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavor as a Gas Technician. Being labelled as an essential worker during this pandemic is a rewarding feeling!

Looking to get started with a gas technician 3 certification?

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Enjoy learning about new technology? Consider yourself friendly, polite, and happy to help others? Like taking things apart and solving problems? You could be a perfect fit for this career. 

Your first step is to talk with an Admissions Advisor, to learn more about the program and what you need to get started.  

An Advisor will confirm you meet admission requirements, and help you figure out financial aid, class schedules, and how to apply. 

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