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Date: May 18, 2023

The goal of every Appliance Service Technician program graduate is to have a successful career in the Appliance Service industry. Satwant (Soni) Grewal had no barriers when heading his very own appliance service business named Mr. Soni Appliance Repair INC. Typically, Appliance Service technicians generate $3,000 – $5,000 per week.

Q. Please provide a bit of your background. What did you do before heading back to school?

Soni: “I worked as a full-time real-estate agent in the city of Brampton for a long time before joining the Appliance Service Technician program. Now, I work as an appliance service technician full-time and continue to work as a real-estate agent part-time.

Soni has completed the Appliance Service Technician program at Appliance Technical Institute of Canada in September 2021, and the Gas Technician 3 program in April 2021. In the Appliance Service Technician program, students are provided a guaranteed co-op placement that span 12-weeks. Soni completed his co-op placement with the prestigious appliance service company – Maytag Metro.

Q. What made you choose a career path into the trades? And Appliance Servicing in particular?

Soni: As a real-estate agent, my clients were asking me about appliance repair services and if I knew someone who can do it. Once I realized how much an appliance service technician charges per service call, I figured I can offer this service to my clients.

I researched the need for appliance service technicians in Ontario and found that there is a huge shortage of appliance technicians. It is one of the most essential services for every household in Ontario. Everyone needs a working stove and refrigerator at the very least. I know I will always have a job. There are six appliances in most households: microwave, stove, dryer, washer, dishwasher and refrigerator.

The Heating and Cooling (HVAC) industry has too many licensed technicians working today, on the other hand, the appliance service industry is experiencing such a shortage in technicians. I knew it was the right path to take for the next decade and beyond!”

Q. What made you choose Appliance Technical Institute of Canada?

Soni: “Appliance Technical Institute of Canada are the national trainers for Whirlpool Corporation and LG Canada. This institute is the only Appliance Service Technician program in Canada which offers guaranteed co-op placement. This was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made.”

During the co-op period of 12-weeks, students put to practice all the skills they learned during the in-class portion of the Appliance Service Technician Program. Co-op students will learn how to accurately diagnose the appliance they are working on, order the correct part, rebook the service call once the part has arrived, and complete the service call on the following visit. This also includes working on Refrigerators and Sealed Systems.

Soni garnered all the critical skills required to be a successful appliance service business owner during his co-op placement and opened his very own appliance service company only 2 days after graduating from the Appliance Service Technician program!

Since then, Soni has gone on to become Gas Technician 2 licensed in Ontario and now offers his customers the following services: appliance repair, appliance installation, gas stove service, gas dryer service, and furnace and water heater repair, etc.

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