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Who We Are

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada (AT Institute) has been focusing on quality appliance servicing and HVAC training since 2017.

Since 2017 AT Institute has produced graduates who now work as professionals in their respective careers across Canada and worldwide. We are recognized as leaders in career-focused education because of our teaching and career placement record. Our curriculum is based on industry certification requirements determined by leading associations. Our training is aimed to make you an expert in your area of choice. We currently offer diploma and certificate programs in the ever-growing fields of Appliance Servicing, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Gas Technician Certification, and Ozone Depletion Protection (ODP) Certification.

At AT Institute we are fully committed to your career training. You will learn from faculty who possess years of experience in their respective fields while practicing your skills through hands-on training in leading-edge facilities. We will help you develop technical skills, as well as empower you with the soft skills that will lead to your career success. You will also have opportunities to take part in the internship practicum placement that will enable you to gain experience.

Why Appliance Technical Institute of Canada (AT Institute)?

Appliance Technical Institute of Canada (AT Institute) is reinventing the implementation of training and education for the Appliance Servicing And HVACR industry in North America. Our goal is to provide an exceptional foundation for domestic Appliance Servicing and HVACR by offering an academically rigorous, innovative, and learner-focused culture. AT Institute provides students with all the resources necessary to master the industry.

Because We Care.
We know the HVACR and Appliance Service industry’s. That is what we do. In 2017 AT Institute was started by industry professionals who identified a need for up-to-date, readily available, quality training. Since then our courses have been, and continue to be, developed by technicians who really know their stuff and the support of global manufacturers. It is all because we have a mission, to focus on doing the best job possible in preparing students for work in an industry we know and care about.

Because we give great value.
Do not be misled into thinking that because we are a private career college we are more expensive than a community college. It pays to read the fine print. The cost of your education at AT Institute has no hidden or extra costs. And it does not stop there. At AT Institute you are not required to choose electives or take other courses that will add to the weeks and months you are at school. We offer an extensive apprenticeship during program at AT Institute which allows you to gain real trade experience.

Because we care about you.
We make sure you that do not get lost in the crowd. AT Institute has a small town feel that lets you connect with other students and staff who care about who you are and your success. Educators have always known that smaller classes and more individualized learning results in faster and more complete training. Add to that the enhanced camaraderie of spending time with fellow students who share very specific goals and you get a deeper, more effective educational experience. But education is not the end game at AT Institute – it’s the job. The successful student will have an opportunity to interview with one of the industry’s leading companies.

Because we get you to work faster.
We get right to the point and teach you the skills that you will need to be successful in the Appliance Service and HVACR industry. Using industry-specific materials and equipment, you will gain full knowledge of all the skills, safety procedures, and theories required in your field.

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