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AT Institute #SupportTrades Campaign supports the transformative power of education.
We engage communities and donors to:

        –     Raise money for scholarships and bursaries

        –     Raise money for Capital Projects and Program Support

        –     Practice sustainable and ethical donor relations, financial management and governance

        –     Build Long Term Assets for Future Generations in Trades

         The AT Institute #SupportTrades Campaign stimulates the interest of alumni, friends, corporations and foundations in enabling students to participate in learning at AT Institute. Incorporated in 2017, the AT Institute #SupportTrades Campaign raises and manages private resources for the development and expansion of educational programs, services, capital projects, and student financial aid through scholarships, bursaries, and grants. The Campaign is dedicated to assisting the College in building endowments and supporting the long-term academic and other strategic priorities of the College and to foster public knowledge and awareness of AT Institute and the economic and social benefits that AT Institute provides to the people of Ontario. By 2025, Canada is on course to have a shortfall of 250,000 skilled tradespeople. In response to this demand, AT Institute has developed a number of trades programs with a vision of signaling to our community that trades education matters.

Donations Impact:

          $10 – outfit a student with the necessary Personal Protective Equipment

          $25 – Tools and training equipment for the workshop

          $50 – Towards building workshop stations for students

          $100 – Increase the number of bursaries available for students