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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics Post Gas Technician 3 Certification

Type: Certificate
Duration: 37.5 hours
Campus: Mississauga


This is a preparation course for individuals who will be attempting the 313D Certification of Qualifications (C of Q) Examination administered by the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT).

Individuals who are currently enrolled in an apprenticeship with an employer and want a review before writing the C of Q exam are highly recommended to register!

A 313D Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic license will enable you to work on any cooling and heating-cooling combination systems including geo-exchange systems in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional settings. Specifically, you will be able to plan, lay out, install, start-up, maintain, service, repair, test, verify, commission and decommission refrigeration and AC systems, electronic components and their accessories.

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics install, maintain, repair and overhaul residential central air conditioning systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems and combined heating, ventilation and cooling systems. They are responsible for following blueprints and connecting systems to fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components.

This course introduces the student to the theory, installation, and design, operation, troubleshooting, and repair of closed/sealed refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Students will learn to test and repair various components; such as hermetic compressors, condensers, capillary tubes, expansion valves, driers, receivers/accumulators, evaporators, thermostats, defrost timers, etc. Students will also learn the safe handling of refrigerants; as well as proper soldering/brasing techniques. Students will also learn the proper use of leak testers, manifold gauges, vacuum pumps, etc. Students will also learns proper methods of changing and evacuating systems; as well as other specialized testing/ safety equipment.

Students who complete our structured Pre-Apprenticeship course will receive theory instruction together with the hands-on training methodology taught by highly trained instructors. Areas of study include; HVAC Safety, HVAC Electrical, HVAC Heating Systems, Piping Methods, Venting Methods, Gas 3 Training and ODP Training.

In this course, you will receive training on Sealed System Mechanics. We are the only college in Canada to instruct on Refrigerant Sealed Systems.
Course Cost: Please call our admissions office.

Class Date: July 21st – 25th, 2021

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In Ontario, the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade is also a part of the Interprovincial Red Seal Program.

This 37.5 hours preparatory course requires the students to complete the TSSA Gas Technician 3 and DA courses. The Gas Technician 3 component of the combined program is the starting point for technicians in the gas field. The Gas Technician 3 is an essential concurrent certification for anyone wanting to work in the appliance servicing field. Graduates of this program must successfully complete the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) Gas Technician Certification Examination to be eligible to work as a licensed level 3 Gas Technician.

Students who complete our structured program will receive theory instruction together with the hands-on training methodology taught by highly trained instructors.

Course Outline

This course will provide you with an in-depth theoretical review of all modules in refrigeration to ensure that you have the knowledge that meet industry standards of practice for the trade.

Course Tuition

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